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Meet my Doodlebug

Meet my Doodlebug. The first picture was taken back in December 2021 before I went on vacation for Christmas. The second is from February 2022, 10 days post surgery.

I returned from my vacation to find a large mass on the inside of his leg. After going to the vet and having a biopsy done, we discovered it was a sarcoma.

Making the decision to amputate was one of the hardest things I’ve done. To make such a decision for an animal to whom you can’t ask their permission or opinion is heartbreaking. This surely has been a hard short journey so far.

Today, 10 days post op he is finally starting to use the litterbox, eat and drink all by himself now. He can even climb his stairs to get into bed too!

Please feel free to ask questions or reach out if you’ve been through this before. I have found that the vets I have experienced have not been quite as informative as I would have preferred.

Love from the Doodlebug


2 thoughts on “Meet my Doodlebug”

  1. Welcome and thank you for sharing Doodlebug’s story. We’ve added your site to the growing list of Trikitty Blogs. Your future blog posts and pages will publish immediately without requiring moderation.

    You will find much more help and feedback in the discussion forums or by searching the member blogs. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds Resources an assistance programs.

  2. Oh Doodlebug you are a GORGEOUS kitty! I’m so glad you are doing better, and thank you to your hoomans for sharing your story. Every single one is so helpful to someone else who goes through the experience. And if we can do anything for you, please let us know OK?

    Keep us posted on your recovery and more cute photos are always welcome 🙂

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